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Water Heater Services

Pompa Plumbing Specializes in Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement Services.
We are Rheem and Rinnai certified

License #RF11067828

Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

When working properly, your water heater is the last thing on your mind, as it should be. But the quickly changes with a cold shower! Are you having problems with your water heater?

We have you covered! Pompa Plumbing Experts repair and replace water heaters with guaranteed workmanship, fixed pricing and fast & friendly service.

tank rheem heaters


Pompa Plumbing Group focuses exclusively on water heaters and home water systems and works to keep your water heater running efficiently. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance of tank water heaters in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas. Our technicians have the knowledge, technical skill, and experience needed to solve all types of water heater problems.

rheem electric tank water heater


If your current system is not meeting your demands, there may be a better solution. Pompa Plumbing Group offers a few ways to improve your hot water system, including installation of recirculating pump systems in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas.

tankless rheem


Do you have a traditional tank water heater ? If so, you know how long it can take to heat the water and the amount of space required for a large storage tank. Pompa Plumbing Group offers tankless water heaters in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas. We can replace your existing tank water heater with a electric tankless unit or a gas tankless unit, so you always have enough hot water without the energy loss of a standard unit.

We Provide Quick & Effective Water Heater Repair

Upgrade your water heater, and pay for it on a schedule that works for you.

Why Choose Pompa Plumbing Group?

Homeowners should choose Pompa Plumbing Group for water heater repair in Florida to keep their home’s plumbing system in good working condition. Pompa Plumbing Group has provided quality plumbing services to homeowners in Florida and surrounding areas.

Our company in Florida is licensed, bonded, and insured, and all of its plumbers are experienced and certified. In addition, Pompa Plumbing Group offers a warranty on all of their work, so homeowners can be confident that their repairs will be made the first time correctly. Contact Pompa Plumbing Group today to schedule a consultation.

Water Heater Emergency Services

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