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5 common water heater issues that need urgent fixes 

Warm water is essential in various tasks, including washing dishes, showering, laundry, and other activities at home. The water heater is one of the common appliances used at home daily. Numerous problems form in the appliance over time due to continuous use. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep issues away. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to inspect the hot water system unless it stop working. 

The smooth running of the hot water system is a necessity in modern homes. But the hard fact is that you will face puzzling issues. Let us look at 5 common water heater issues that need an urgent fix with the help of technicians: 

1. No hot water 

Imagine you turn on the shower and get an intense wave of cold water. Seems relatable, right? There will be no warm water supply if faucets fail to heat the stored water. It happens when the heater has a broken heating element. The malfunctioning heater won’t be able to disperse warm water throughout your home. 

2. Insufficient hot water supply 

Have you ever faced a hot water shortage while bathing? Running out of hot water is a frustrating experience for everyone. The problem may arise for many reasons, but malfunctioning of thermostat is one of the primary causes. Other likely reasons may be use of a smaller water heater for a big house. If you have a small water heater, reduce hot water usage or get a bigger water heater tank to get an uninterrupted supply of warm water. 

3. Too hot or cold water supply 

Many people set the thermostat too high or too low on the water heater. The high setting gives hot water while lower setting disperses cold water. Control the uncomfortable water temperature by adjusting the thermostat. If adjusting the temperature doesn’t solve this problem, a faulty thermostat or sediment build-up in the tank may be causing the problem. Call a professional plumber to assess the condition and offer water heater repair service. 

4. Colored water 

If the tank is dispersing colored water, it means the tank is rusting and corroding. The easy step to solve this problem is to replace the anode rod. The anode rod prevents rust build-up in the tank. Prevent the rust formation with inspection by a technician. Otherwise, rust spreads to the tank to cause small cracks and water leakage. Several problems arise from the water heater leakages. 

5. Leakages from the water heater tank 

Water heater tank leakage is one of the worst problems faced by homeowners. The leakages may occur due to many problems, including broken valves, corrosion and rust, condensation build-up, loose gasket, and bolts. It is essential to locate the exact cause of water leakage from the tank on time. Call our professional plumbers for water heater repair and fix the issues immediately. 

Fix water heater issues with professional plumbers 

Are you facing any of these water heater issues? Call our plumbers from Pompa Plumbing to get fast and professional services. Our plumbers offer installation and water heater repair services to customers at affordable prices. Call our team to fix all issues immediately. 

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6 benefits of using a tankless water heater at your home 

Do you wish to upgrade the existing water heater but are unsure which one to buy? There are many options available in the market to choose from. Make a purchasing decision after determining the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a product. In this regard, the tankless water heater can meet your expectation. The heater is easy to install and efficient to save money on energy bills in the long run. 

Want to know more if the tankless water heater choice is right or not? Let us consider some important points that will help make a purchasing decision: 

1. Save money on energy bills

A tankless water heater consumes less water in heating water than standard units. It has been found that tankless water heaters are 22% to 35% more efficient than traditional ones. You will see a lower energy bill every month to increase your saving. As the unit heats water only on demand of users, you will save more money on your electricity bill compared to traditional water heater systems. 

2. Durability of the equipment 

A tankless water heater costs a bit more than the standard units. But, it lasts more than the traditional tank system. The average lifespan of a tankless water heater is 15 to 25 years with proper care. Moreover, you will require less maintenance and fixes for smoothing running of this system. In this way, you can save money going with this system. 

3. Eco-friendly technology 

The tankless water heater uses an eco-friendly technology that saves energy for you. No electricity or gas is used in standby mode or when nobody is at home. Most tankless water heaters come with an electricity factor of 95, which minimizes fuel loss while using. The proprietary water heater burns gas to restore heat by condensation, thus, benefiting the environment. 

4. Easy to install 

The tankless water heater is pretty much easy to install anywhere. You can also put a traditional heat source. This flexibility allows you to look for an efficient location in the house. Moreover, you can hire our professionals for tankless water heater installation service. Our expert team can install the unit by following the standard procedures. 

5. Clean and safe 

Water is stored in the traditional water tank system. Sediment builds up and affects the taste of water. The traditional tank remains outside your house which poses a security risk. That is not the case with a tankless water system. The water tastes clean and purified at the time of use. The water source remains inside your home to be safe and clean. 

6. No standby loss of energy 

The traditional tank water heater keeps heating the stored water until you turn it off. That is not the case with tankless units. The water heats when needed to eliminate the standby loss of energy. In this way, you can reduce the energy consumption on the heater by up to 50% each year. 

Key Takeaways 

The tankless water heater is an excellent option to upgrade from a traditional water heater system. The price of a tankless unit is a bit more, but it saves money on the electricity bill. 

If you need tankless water heater installation and repair service, Pompa Plumbing is a trusted company in Florida. You will get fast and efficient service from our certified technicians at affordable prices. Call us to book your appointment now.